Saturday, February 21, 2009

Congo History in New Video

Kadi Kabeya, a fine filmmaker from Congo who is now living in Canada, is producing a series of documentary videos explaining the political history of the DRC. Here are the first three in what promises to be a very enlightening production:

You can see more of Kadi Kabeya's excellent work at KM Media Productions.

Dave Donelson, author of Heart of Diamonds a about in the


dave mcmahon said...

fine film maker? Kadi Kabeya and Mina Malu did not shoot any of the interviews, did not take any of the photo's used, they have edited some documentaries together and given us a fabrication. Dave, I regularly visit your site and when I came across this I had to let you know. Because this is outright theft of other people's work, time and resources. KM did not travel to Congo or anywhere else to shoot any of this, I have downloaded most of the material they have (from BBC and youtube, and others) and there's hardly any difference between the two. on their other websote's they have the same congo stuff under different names, and other sports stuff with footage that again they didnt take. seems to be a reoccurring theme. these are not film makers by any means. merely mediocre video editors who have no idea that people are watching and know the difference between After Effects and basic video editing software. anybody can download and re-edit video, people are not stupid. Dave you should really do your research before allowing people like this to post on your website. It makes you look bad my ffriend. Otherwise keep up the good work.

Dave Donelson said...

I see your points, Dave, and take them quite seriously. Let me explain my posting of the videos, however, and perhaps you'll see mine as well.

Like you, I had seen most of the footage used before. That bothered me until I saw the credits given at the end. I also made note that Kadi Kabeya said upfront in the narration that he had not been in the DRC since he left at the age of nine. I was okay with that, too. I visited his company web site, too, before I posted the link. Perhaps I was overly generous with "fine filmmaker," but I don't think it hurts to encourage other people in their work.

I saw the videos not as great cinematic art, but as a fairly coherent explanation of Congo political history up to a point. It wasn't presented without a slant (and I disagree with some of the conclusions) but I thought they did a pretty good job of laying out the events during the period covered. I feel they would be helpful to someone who wants a quick overview in video form, which is why I posted them.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. There is a lot of crap floating around out there and it behooves us all to call it out when we see it. I appreciate your interest and hope you won't hesitate to keep in touch in the future.

Kadi said...

Hey Mr Mcmahon

With all due respect, I would like to clarify why I made and still continue to make those documentaries about the DRC (my homeland).
Just like Mr Donelson nicely put it...I've never claimed that I filmed the footages..clearly no...because if you actually watch again you'll actually see that some footages have the logo watermarks of the various TV chanels or companies who own the rights.
I'm doing this for people like my little brother who's never been to the Congo and his peers who are ashamed of their countries...I know these are not my footages and that's why you will not see me trying to make financial gain from it...I just want to let people know what is going on in my country...It's been a year since I started this "filmmaking thing"! so until I perfect my craft and actually go back home (which I'm doing soon) the best I can do is what I'm doing. If I made it seem like I was taking credit for more than the editing...then I greatly apologize, but you can atleast give me the credit for writing the narration and actually like you put it "re-editing" about 10 different documentaries to get the final thing...
As for the uncalled comment about "other sports stuff with footage that again they didnt take" well that's why it's on youtube and not my website and it's called a hobby....the themes of those "sports" videos are Manchester United (my fav team)or my brother's basketball videos oh yeah and the Congolese national soccer team.
FYI: on my website (not youtube)...I actually filmed/edited everything except for this one.
as for After Effects and basic video editing software ahah that made me laugh actually...because my goal is not to "perfect" Adobe After Effect but to offer my own perspective on something that is close to my heart (DRC)...clearly we don't have a lot of Congolese people trying to make it into documentary filmmaking...I'm trying to start!
and be an honest Congolese filmaker who will not be scared to stand up to the corupted people in Kinshasa and make documentaries that will "let the people know the truth"!

The comment about "Because this is outright theft of other people's work, time and resources."

if you watch it again you'll see that most of the footages are
it's kind of uncalled for when I bought the videos and you call me a thief..thank you for that!

FYI my real aim for this was for EDUCATIONAL purposes...and a lot of Congolese youth in the Diaspora have given me positive reviews about letting people "understand" I guess I won't stop.
Then again, I want to clarify that, as someone who is just getting started and still has a lot to learn, I'm open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

PS: Mr Donelson...sorry for this...I just thought it was pretty OBVIOUS about the footages.